dward Albright is a man who lives two lives: while working as a ruthless and cynical secret agent for a clandestine government agency called the Janus Organization, he, under a hypnotic alter ego, lives as a comely family man, named Henry Spivey. Henry works in a downtown Los Angeles office and is married with a loyal wife Angie, and two teenage kids, Ruthy and Jackson. Edward is part of an experimental program called to "separate" his secret agent life from his suburban life with a computer created identity of Henry Spivey who is not aware of his real dominate personality nor that of his wife and children. "Henry" is not even aware that his co-worker at his company Tom Grady, is actually Agent Raymond Carter, his partner in the field. However, things take a turn when the implant in Edward's brain begins to malfunction in which "Henry" re-emerges at unlikely times without being activated. Edward's superior and handler, Mavis Heller, sees it as a threat to her company. As "Henry" comes to realize his other personality, he must try to save himself from a group of Russian mafia thugs who arrive in the country to locate and kill Edward (whom they think is him) to recover a secret briefcase "Edward" stole from Russia - with Edward's help via notes and video recordings.

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