enry "reemerges" at the most unexpected time during a mission to China to rescue the captive Raymond, and finds himself in the midst of gunfire, and one of his partners, Paula, is wounded. Henry calls for help and inadvertently gives away his whereabouts and his identity. Mavis worries that her superior, the ruthless Alistair Trumbull, will see that Edward is 'broken' and wants to make plans to terminate him. Meanwhile, Mary Grady discovers that Tom is having an affair, while 'Raymond' plots to have another plot in motion. As Henry deals with the fact that his shrink, Dr. Skinner, is actually the security chief of the Janus Organization and reports directly to Mavis, while at the same time Henry and Angie try to learn where their son, Jack, is going to at nights when he's caught in a lie about playing the guitar and learn that he has been taking Karate lessons.

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