uring a mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa to kidnap a fugitive Rwandan general, Edward and Raymond discover a group of American hostages held for a number of years. After completing their assignment, Edward wants to return to rescue the hostages, but all kinds of complications ensue when both Mavis and Alastar are against the idea since the hostages are not a priority and rescuing them could reveal the knowledge about their super-secret organization Janus. Also, Mavis reveals to Norah that she strongly suspects her of having sexual relations with Edward and wants her to stop. When Mavis authorizes a rescue mission, Alastar forces her to call it off. But Edward and Raymond disregard orders and move on, only to have Henry reemerge during the mission. Elsewhere, Angie tells Henry that she wants another baby, but Edward learns of this and does not approve.

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