ower goes straight to Cyril's head. He consigns Archer to the same prison where Juliana was sent and deposes Calderon, who is also imprisoned. When Cyril frees Juliana to marry him and regain her status as First Lady, Cherlene throws a fit. Cyril promptly imprisons her, but Cherlene has the key to the cells; she, Calderon and Archer escape and head for the rebels at the airport. They get sidetracked by the zoo and meet a tiger; meanwhile, Cyril dances at his wedding. Krieger finally emerges from the basement and discloses that his clones had created a nerve gas missile; unfortunately, it is set to detonate. Lana heads for the airport, where Archer and Cherlene are being held prisoner by the rebels. Lots of news breaks...including Lana's water!

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