later (and his Quong's shirt) enlists the ISIS crew to show Tunt Manor to Durhani Crown Prince Fawad Fawaz, the world's richest prince and his mother, Her Majesty Yasmin Fawaz, the world's snottinest queen. Slater wants the gang to scan the prince's retinas, hands, phones and flash drives without the security detail or the royals knowing. With Carol/Cheryl serving as listing agent, Archer as butler, Lana, Cyril and Pam as domestics, Ray in the conservatory garden and Slater and Krieger in the lounge at control central, the Fawads get the royal treatment. Will Lana meet the prince's merguez? Can Archer learn to count ammo/shots from Slater's tranq gun? Slater's plan has everything but a sign for free birdseed. Malory chews out the gang but they all agree Ray really deserves a hand! Beep-beep!

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