hirty-two year old Erica Strange is bright, educated and pretty, but she's had a bad life, self admittedly due to the many bad decisions she's made over her adult life. On the day that she meets self-proclaimed therapist Dr. Tom in the hospital, Erica has had the latest in a string of bad days: she gets fired from her dead end customer service job at an insurance agency for being too bright; she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend who she met over the Internet; and she gets hospitalized for drinking a specialty coffee containing nuts, she being deathly allergic to nuts. Feeling overwhelmed by the pity showed by her family, Erica decides on a whim to enlist the help of Dr. Tom, who guarantees he can fix all her problems if she commits to his service. Unbeknownst to Erica, Dr. Tom is not quite who he appears. Erica provides Dr. Tom with a long list of those bad decisions which she most regrets, those she terms as keeping her awake at night. From the list, Dr. Tom chooses Erica's eleventh grade formal, where she got drunk and danced crazily on the dance floor, which in turn resulted in getting a "reputation" and being dumped by her then boyfriend, Noah. Without telling her beforehand, Dr. Tom magically transports Erica back to that time. Although Erica has the opportunity to right the wrong decisions she's made in the eleventh grade, she, with full knowledge of who she is as a thirty-two year old, now has a warped view of teen-aged life and makes her new eleventh grade decisions based on that. She also feels like she's in limbo as Dr. Tom gives her no indication if she's transported back in time forever or when, if ever, she will return to the present day.

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