rica has much on her mind. She wants to be there for Judith, who is facing new motherhood issues. She has been given the responsibility of organizing the launch of Katie's book at a book fair. But in this task, she unknowingly has turned into her worst nightmare: a replica of Julianne. And she is still trying to avoid Ethan, who knows that she's avoiding him. There may be a connection between the control she's exerting in the book launch and the control she's trying to exert in a relationship between herself and Ethan. As Dr. Tom allows her to add to her list, she wants to go back to the night of her high school reunion when she and Ethan kissed, what she feels is the beginning of the end of their friendship. Dr. Tom warns her and she realizes that taking back the kiss will not remove the feelings she has for him. Although Erica does manage to avoid the kiss, she quickly realizes that going back in time may actually provide an opportunity to rewrite totally the nature of her and Ethan's relationship.

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