rica feels likes it's going to be a good day. She is basking in the aftermath of her first kiss with Ethan, with who she sees a potentially happy future despite their long friendship and him still being married to Claire. And she's starting her new job - albeit in an extremely junior position - as an editorial assistant at River Rock Publishing. Her day quickly goes downhill when she meets her new boss, Julianne Giacomelli, a young, controlling, confrontational, passive-aggressive bully of a person, who seems to relish in embarrassing Erica. To Erica, Julianne is a younger, female version of her first year university creative writing professor, Antonin Lozar. Because of the emotional scars from that class, Erica has never done any creative writing since. Dr. Tom sends her back to Professor Lozar's class to defend what she considers a true indication of who she is as a person, her poem entitled "Snowflakes". Will her new experience with Professor Lozar prepare her to handle Julianne?

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