n the lead up to Sam and Josh's wedding, Erica and Ryan, Josh's best man, have been dating, publicly announcing the fact, making Erica uncomfortable. The fact that Ethan and Claire may have reconciled isn't helping either. But topping Erica's uncomfortable list in the relationship department is Sam and Josh themselves, their relationship which she just does not understand. She can't help but feel that they are making a big mistake in getting married. She feels even worse when Sam herself expresses the same doubts just before the ceremony. With Dr. Tom, Erica dictates to him where she wants to go: August 13, 2003, the day that Sam and Josh broke up for the one and only time during their relationship. Then, Erica convinced Josh to reconcile. This time, she will do no such thing. Dr. Tom obliges Erica's wish. Back at that break up, Erica directly learns from Josh not only the nature of Sam and Josh's relationship, but what is truly in his heart and why he has always acted with animosity toward her. Erica has to decide what to do with this information. If she doesn't tell Sam, Sam could be making the biggest mistake in her life marrying Josh. If she does tell Sam, it could ruin her relationship with her sister.

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