he Cold War at River Rock Publishing between Brent and Julianne continues. Erica, editor of "The None" - Katie's new book - is falling on Julianne's side of the war, despite not wanting to have to choose between the two. When a traumatic event occurs to Erica at River Rock, Dr. Tom decides on Erica's tenure at a dot com in 2001 as the next item on her list to revisit. Erica quit her job at meandyoumakes2.com just prior to it being sold. If she had stayed at the dot com through its sale, she probably would have made millions. Dr. Tom sends her to an alternate reality first in 2004 and then in current day 2009 as if she had stayed at the dot com through its sale. Erica is unsure if this visit will become her new reality. But through this process, Erica learns that life experience is important to personal growth. She uses this knowledge to reinvent herself, but not without some obstacles. Meanwhile, Kai is being pressured by Travis to embark on the path which ultimately led to Travis' suicide. Kai tries to change this path to save Travis' life, but ultimately Kai comes to a more important understanding.

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