rica and Ethan's relationship hits a rough patch. They have been arguing a lot without Erica really knowing why. In turn, Ethan seems to be running away from her without telling her of that fact. This relationship is becoming reminiscent of Erica's previous relationship with Malcolm Abrams. Once her best friend during their senior year when they were both camp counselors, the two became romantic after which he suddenly broke up with her. The break up caused a war of one-upsmanship which Erica eventually lost. The second time around, Erica vows not to play these games with Malcolm after the break up, regardless of why he did it. However, she can't hide her disdain and her need to get back at him once the games start happening again. But when she learns the reason for the break-up, she realizes that none of this would have happened the first time around if they just talked. Dr. Tom also convinces her that perhaps the current non-communication with Ethan is a two-way street despite she believing she has been totally honest with him. Meanwhile, Josh makes a unilateral decision in his and Sam's life. Brent takes a bold step in his professional life at River Rock. And Erica decides to speak to Kai the barista about what she thinks she saw at the coffee house.

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