isk averse Erica has decided that in not taking risks, she is often standing on the sidelines wondering how much more could have been achieved. Testing the sexual boundaries with Ethan may be one thing, but the bigger risk is the opportunity to write the sex book instead of edit it, which is what Julianne is offering her. If she accepts, that means she has to give up her stable editing job. This decision is reminiscent of the year after the completion of her undergraduate degree, when she and Jenny were going to go to Taipei for the summer to teach English but otherwise just "wing it". Erica chickened out at the last minute, which she has since regretted since it ended up being the worst summer of her life working at a boring government job instead. When Dr. Tom sends her back to that trip to Taipei, Erica learns that risk has its uncomfortable moments, and its extreme highs and lows. She also learns that taking risk should not absolve one of responsibility. And taking a risk should be about achieving what one really wants. With others, Brent takes another step to see if the risk he took at work pays off. And Jenny takes what she sees as a risk, but is really just her predictable course of action.

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