t's Thomas Friedken's 45th birthday, and Julianne decides to give him a key to her apartment as a birthday gift. Erica stumbles across something that makes her think Julianne's gift may not be the best idea, but doesn't know if telling Julianne this secret is the best idea either. Dr. Tom thinks this situation is reminiscent of a time when Erica was a high school senior. Jenny had as her target a quiet but overachieving classmate named Fiona Watt, who Jenny tormented until Fiona left school never to return. Erica knew what Jenny was doing, and even to this day feels that she herself was a part of that torment because she knew and did nothing to stop it. Going back to high school, Erica believes she has fixed the problem between Jenny and Fiona by bandaging the symptoms, until she learns the underlying reasons for Jenny's actions. This understanding makes Erica realize what she has to do with Julianne and her current situation, and what she has to do with the tense situation between herself and Kai stemming from Erica's do-over day.

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