aving just broken up with Ethan and officially now without a job, Erica is moving onto the next phase of her life as a currently single woman who is entering into a new business venture - 50/50 Press - with Julianne with neither partner having much capital to go into this venture. But as Erica moves onto this new phase in life, which was encouraged by her sessions with Dr. Tom, she also moves onto the next phase of her therapy. This second phase entails a form of group therapy with Dr. Tom's other patients - Adam, Camilla, Darryl and Rebecca - of whose existence Erica had no idea prior to meeting them. This group therapy includes supporting and critiquing the others in their processes, which sometimes entails going back in time with them to deal with whatever their issues. As Erica wants to jump into this phase head on despite feeling somewhat unprepared to do so, Dr. Tom sends Erica back with Adam - who seems to be the most critical of the four of Erica herself - to Adam's regret of not being with his mother when she died. But Erica's unfamiliarity with Adam's complete past makes her feel uncomfortable and angry in this situation in more ways than one, which mirrors what she's feeling with everything that is now going on with her life and her new group therapy sessions. Back with 50/50 Press, Erica needs to clear the air with Julianne, with who she has not always been on equal footing. A run-in Erica and Julianne have with Brent at a work function has its own consequences with regard to 50/50 Press' viability. And behind the scenes, Erica is unaware that there is some in-fighting amongst the therapists about Erica's current progression.

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