0/50 Publishing's future seems a little brighter now that Brent has provided them with Jay Manuel's exposé on the fashion world as their next big book, and as Julianne ghost top edits Thomas Friedkin's latest book for Brent. Meanwhile, Erica is feeling excited by Adam's implication, partly through his kiss on the deserted island, that he is indeed interested in her romantically. They even have a date scheduled to talk about what the kiss means. After a group therapy session, Erica decides to follow Adam through his exit door to talk to him, but she finds him at the end of a romantic tryst with Beatrice. Erica has no idea who Beatrice is, but only knows that she feels betrayed that he is having sex with another woman while expressing interest in her. Erica's cold shoulder treatment to Adam changes when he explains who Beatrice is. As Adam proceeds with what he believes is his destiny with Beatrice now with Erica's understanding, Adam runs away from Beatrice after a lovemaking session, but is uncertain why. As such, Dr. Tom sends Adam back to a time with his family, which had the pattern of physical abuse by his father on his mother, who in turn emotionally abused Adam in her dependence on him. As Adam learns how to break the pattern, he understands what he needs to do in his current life with Beatrice and Erica. Elsewhere, Barb has some good news regarding her health, and makes some decisions about her future, specifically with regard to Gary.

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