dam learns that Hastings, his old boss for who he did his enforcing, has just died. At the wake which Adam reluctantly attends, many of his old enforcer colleagues, including his own younger brother Johnny who Adam got into the business, try to get him to return to this old lifestyle, which he declines but in such a way that those enforcer tendencies are still evident within him. Dr. Tom feels that Adam is now ready to confront that aspect of his life, and sends him back to his early twenties when he had a job with the "boss from hell", Sean, who Adam beat up after not being able to hold his temper any longer after the constant verbal abuse from Sean. That beating left Adam with a prison sentence, a criminal record and a reputation, all which led to his job with Hastings. He vows not to beat Sean this second time around but to walk away. However, in being able to walk away, Adam's life since that time fundamentally changes to an alternate reality he neither recognizes or embraces as he feels it is not within the scope of therapy. But Dr. Tom and the therapy group try to convince Adam that he is using those issues as an excuse not to pursue what he really wants in his current life. Meanwhile, Erica and Sam, wanting to support their mother, are feeling uncomfortable with her new "live life to its fullest" mentality.

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