hen Erica goes back with Camilla on one of her regrets, Erica inadvertently runs into Seth Newman, who is really an Orthodox Jew named Shimon Nyberg and not an-ex cult member as he writes about in The Purple Door. Erica feels helpless in this situation as Dr. Tom will not allow her to add signing Seth Newman as a regret since she gleaned his fraud through a method through which she shouldn't. And Dr. Tom feels helpless since he feels responsible for Erica finding out and can't do anything within the rules of therapy to help her. As Erica and Julianne try to figure out how to get out of a bad situation where both obvious options would cause them further problems, Dr. Tom decides that he has to do something to right what he feels is his wrong. Meanwhile, Ivan and Dave hit a bumpy path in their relationship based on secrets. Sam and Lenin face further disparities in their professional lives. And Judith and Will, both feeling somewhat dissatisfied with their respective married lives, have to figure out what to do about their mutual attraction to each other.

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