cott Galvin's reign at River Rock brings an entirely different corporate mentality, where everything is driven by his testosterone laden sense. The men have to be dudes, and the projects they will be working on reflect Scott's own interests. Even the name of the company has been re-branded to The Rock. As hard as he tries for the sake of keeping his job, Brent just doesn't fit into this new corporate image. Erica's advice of pitching an idea that brings his own sensibilities into the testosterone world of The Rock gets Brent fired. After the fact, Erica realizes that her advice was just a tired old cliché. That's when she learns that Brent is her next patient. To understand what is happening to Brent, Dr. Tom sends Erica back to high school and her dealings with a Québecois exchange student named J.C. Paget, who stayed with the Stranges for her two week exchange and who just didn't fit in. To get J.C. off her back, Erica at the time told J.C. just to be herself, which made J.C.'s life even worse for those two weeks. This time around, Erica vows to help J.C. fit in. Erica learns that she can change J.C.'s outer appearance, but in doing so she may expose J.C. to situations with which she isn't equipped to deal. As it applies to Brent, he has to decide if he should beg for his job back which ends up being a bit more cutthroat than he imagined, or find something else more to his own sensibilities. Erica also has to decide how to apply what she learned to her own issues with Adam, who wants to buy a motorcycle against her wishes, and he who refuses to take salsa lessons with her.

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