t the beginning of the episode, Jo is sitting on a chair, while Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and James are sitting on the couch. We learn that Jo is awaiting a phone call from her agent to let her know if she got a part in a movie. However, it is discovered that the movie will be shooting for three years and she will have to move to New Zealand for that time. Because of this, Jo at first turns down the movie so she can stay with Kendall. However, Kendall discovers this and attempts to be extremely disgusting to get her to break up with him. She eventually does on their dinner date. Jo finds out that he was being disgusting to get her to break up with her. The two share emotional goodbye together, ending in one of their famous good bye kisses. One of the subplots in the episodes is Kelly's and Logan's attempts to get Carlos to get rid of his helmet. In the end the three agree that Carlos will not wear it during Photo shoots or at the Dinner Table. The second subplot is James having a three day relationship with a foreign pop star by the name of Selana. They go through the stages of love that often last a lifetime, and break it off after the three days. The two however are not angry, and wish each other luck on their albums.

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