olice Inspector John Tolin returns to work after the car crash that killed his wife and crippled his daughter Jodie to investigate a multiple pile-up on an A road, possibly caused when a police car chased joy-riders. Some of the drivers involved were killed and, as Tolin hangs up their pictures, we see what they were doing just prior to the collision. Solitary piano teacher Sidney Norris has downloaded a disc, possibly with paedophile content, for a friend. Danny Rampson is returning from Holland in his brother's van with a mysterious, illegal cargo. Birthday girl Alice Jackson has spent the night with boy-friend Gareth whilst Jane Tarrant, who works at the service station near to the accident spot, gets a proposal from live-in lover Dave. Architect Richard Reeves prepares for a grand opening and banker's secretary Karen Armstrong has secretly downloaded a file behind her boss's back. Brian Edwards, to whose shop she has gone for a copy to be made, is also on the road with his mother-in-law Joyce. They are all to be caught up in the collision.

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