ohn takes Sidney's computer and also discovers that Karen's contact 'James' is a fraud. The real James is, however, writing about an African civil war in which the British government - and Karen's boss -may have a guilty involvement.John and Ann question Jeff and his wife Sandra but release them, hoping they will lead to Danny. Sandra, however, speaks to Jeff's foreman Derek and asks him to 'sort things out' to prevent them all being arrested. Brian admits to his wife Christine that he was taking Joyce to see a retirement home as he felt she was poisoning their marriage. Richard asks Jane to go away with him. Harry Canwell, the drunk driver who killed John's wife, is released from prison and visits John to ask forgiveness but John attacks him in front of Jodie. Later John admits to her that when the accident occurred he was with Ann, with whom he is getting close again.Sandra gives Danny a false passport and money but also takes drastic action to put her husband in the career.

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