ay Prager takes drastic steps to eliminate the one piece of evidence the police may have against him. Mike is more convinced than ever that Ray is guilty of at least Nathalie Lacroix's murder but has to admit that the other killings may have been committed by someone else. However he can't explain how all four of the victims had their hair cut in the same way if there's more than one killer. Claire Bissett tells Mike what Ray did to her when they were in high school. Mike also learns why Ray withdrew his police complaint after Mike ran him down. Sadie is convinced she can get Ray Jr. to tell the truth about the alibi he's provided for his father but Mike wants her to stay out of it. She doesn't follow his advice. With Ray's continued interference, Mike and Audrey's marriage reaches the breaking point. Ray continues to manipulate everyone around him, sowing doubts in people's minds about Mike's true intentions to the point where Mike is now a murder suspect.

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