he Sparklers return to London with Mr. Dorrit, who is thrilled to be seen as part of Mr. Merdle's world, and, like countless others, is keen to invest his wealth into the Merdle funds. So is Arthur, now running his business alone whilst Daniel takes up a six month appointment in Russia. Arthur asks Mr. Pancks to find Rigaud, and Flora calls on Mr. Dorrit, asking him to do the same, in which capacity he visits Mrs. Clennam, who is as icy as ever and throws him out. Wounded by her tone he starts to unravel, over-reacting when a cab driver mentions the Marshalsea, and being aggressive when John Chivery visits him, although he calms down and apologizes to John. He believes that Merdle's circle scoff at him because of his past and hurries back to Italy, where his ramblings make no sense to a concerned Amy.

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