rthur again visits Amy at the prison, where he meets her friend Maggy, a girl who has been left with the mind of a child by illness. He goes to the Bleeding Heart Yard to pay off Tip's creditor and meets the very large Plornish family,who despise Pancks, the grasping rent-collector, but are full of praise for Christopher Casby, the owner of the yard and his employer. Arthur knows Casby because, years earlier he had wanted to marry Casby's daughter Flora but their parents stopped them. Casby advises him that, in order to cancel the Dorrit family debts, he should go to the Circumlocution Office, which he does, but is stone-walled by two officials, Tite Barnacle and Tite Barnacle junior, who tell him that so much work would be involved it is not worth it. Leaving the office, he meets Mr. Meagles who introduces him to Daniel Doyce, a budding inventor. Arthur has already told his mother he is leaving her firm and considers becoming Doyce's business partner. In the evening he goes to Casby's for a dinner party, where he meets again with Flora, now chubby and garrulous. She has married a Mr. Finching but was widowed and has to look after Mr. F's aunt, a mad old woman who shouts at people. In France Cavaletto re-encounters Rigaud, now calling himself Lagnier.

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