ohn Chivery is heart-broken when Amy rejects his marriage proposal, telling him she will never marry, though Arthur is clearly in her thoughts. News gets back to her father, who becomes self-pitying, hoping it will not alter the way John and his father regard him. Arthur Gowan arrives at the Meagles' house. He is the 'unsuitable' young man who fancies Pet, but it is obvious that his presence is not welcomed by her parents, who hint to Arthur that he and she make a fine couple. Arthur returns to London with Daniel Doyce and visits his work-shop in the Bleeding Heart Yard where they formalize their business agreement. Cavaletto comes running into the yard, is knocked down by a horse and cared for by the Plornish family. He is running away from Rigaud, now calling himself Blandois, who goes to see Flintwinch, engaging in dastardly deeds to get a box in the latter's possession.

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