rthur proposes to Pet, who turns him down, adding that that morning she had agreed to marry Henry Gowan. It is clear that her parents are not happy about it and nor is Henry's snobbish mother, who visits Arthur, accusing the Meagles family of being gold-diggers, which Arthur refutes. Later Maggy takes him to visit Amy at the Marshalsea but she, because of her feelings for him, refuses to see him though her father construes this as rudeness in view of the help Arthur has given them. Tattycoram runs away to live with Miss Wade and refuses to return to Twickenham when Meagles, accompanied by Arthur, tries to persuade her. Pancks visits Mrs. Clennam and, in Amy's presence, delivers a cryptic remark about a sea captain who was an ancestor of the Dorrits. Later, Affery is saying goodbye to Amy when she is startled by Rigaud, returning to Mrs. Clennam's house.

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