he day dawns when Pet Meagles marries her Henry with Arthur as best man. Henry's mother tells her friend Mrs. Merdle that she has dropped her opposition to the union because the 'Miggles' family's dowry will contribute to the couple's visit to Italy, where Henry can study art. Mr. and Mrs. 'Miggles', however, are less than elated at the marriage. Rigaud charms Arthur's mother when he visits her with the contents of the stolen box, and, whilst her butler stands by uncomfortably, she lets the Frenchman know that she will do business with him when she is ready. Flora lets it slip to Arthur that she realizes that her father is a greedy charlatan, allowing Pancks to take the scorn of Casby's over-taxed tenants but Mr. Pancks himself is on a high. Thanks to his detective work in cahoots with his friends Mr. and Miss Rugg and John Chivery - and subsidized by cash he has borrowed from Casby under false pretences -- he has 'moled out' the fact that William Dorrit is the heir to a fortune that has long lain dormant and, as a consequence, is in a position not just to buy himself out of the Marshalsea but to establish himself and his family as very rich indeed.

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