he newly-rich Dorrits leave the Marshalsea and Amy is appalled at how coldly her father treats Arthur when repaying the money he owes. Her snobbish siblings are equally as dismissive of Arthur. Rigaud visits Miss Wade, who pays him to befriend and travel to Italy with the newly-wed Gowans and to harm Henry. The Dorrits also arrive in Italy on the Grand Tour, in the company of Mrs. General, who William has employed as a companion to his daughters. At an inn they meet the Gowans and Rigaud, who is intrigued to hear who they are. Pet and Amy bond, with a mutual dislike of the Frenchman and their regard for Arthur, Back in London, the Plornishes are planning to buy a shop with money given them by Amy, where they will look after and employ Maggy. Whilst pretending to be pleased for them Casby plans to double their rent.

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