lla and Caleb are stunned when agency owner, the malevolent and devil-incarnated Amanda Woodward, walks into WPK Publicity and immediately fires most of the staff, including Caleb. The brutal and wicked Amanda makes it clear to Ella that the Anton V. launch party with Riley better go off without a hitch or Ella can vacate her office too. When Ella is forced by Amanda to tell Riley to spin a fabricated story about her childhood to the press for publicity reasons, Jonah advices Riley to defy them and tell the truth about her upbringing, but they both soon regret it. Meanwhile, Auggie finally succumbs to Violet's flirtatious ways while he desperately tries to clear himself of the Sydney murder charges. Also, David asks Lauren out on a date, but she turns him down fearing that he may find out her secret profession. At the same time, David learns about Auggie's arrest and thinks someone tried to frame him for Sydney's murder which leads David to Michael's current wife, Vanessa, who may know more than what she's telling.

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