manda puts Ella in charge of a lavish party at her new Bel Air house to celebrate the arrival of her billionaire boyfriend Ben Brinkley, whom buys Amanda's affection with expensive gifts. However, after Amanda sees Ben hitting on Ella, she lashes out at Ella. Meanwhile, Riley asks Jonah if they can start over, but it leads to a guilt-ridden Jonah confessing that he seduced Ella the night before. While Amanda has her henchmen continuing to search the Melrose apartment complex for her smuggled painting, Violet sees that Augie has fallen off the wagon over being rejected by Riley at the party in which she persuades him to leave Melrose with her to start over. Elsewhere, Lauren struggles to recover from her near-fatal overdose and continues to zealously keep her secret profession under wraps, while David, under false pretenses, tracks down the john who drugged Lauren.

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