lla is a little overwhelmed by Jonah's constant attention and she eventually decides that couple hood might not be for her. Having accidentally discovered Lauren's secret call-girl job, Michael threatens to tell the authorities and the entire medical board if she doesn't break up with David in which Michael is hell-bent on destroying his life. Lauren easily succumbs to the merciless Dr. Mancini's threat, but David tries to find out why Lauren ended their romance for no reason. In the meantime, David decides to buy the restaurant Coal, but the price turns out to be a little higher than he thought. Meanwhile, Drew begins to moonlight in a rock band. Also, Amanda feels betrayed when she catches Ben and Riley in a compromising position as she travels to New York with him for her new job. Also, Amanda also learns that she is broke after hearing that her accountants stole every dollar from her bank accounts, but she naturally keeps it to herself.

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