n the season finale, Amanda officially fires Ella from WPK and cuts off all Ella's severance pay and referrals. However, Ella will not go down with out a fight and she soon finds the stolen painting that Amanda has been looking for and blackmails her for it. Meanwhile, Drew tries to stop Michael from performing a dangerous heart surgery, but Michael sets Drew up to get caught with drugs, causing Drew to be thrown in jail, and out of UCLA. Eventually, Drew confesses to Riley that he had a surgery five months ago by Dr. Mancini which results now that he may die anytime. Hearing about Drew's plight, Lauren risks her job and career to stop Dr. Mancini from another M-valve surgery by announcing out his secret in front of his surgical team. David and Lauren reconcile, but the jealous, wild-child Morgan seeks revenge by having her equally evil gangster father beat up and blackmail David into performing robberies for him. Jonah asks Riley to reconcile after the NYU reunion program but she denies out of pride. Elsewhere, Amanda becomes haunted by Sydney's illusion.

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