lla learns from her ruthless new boss, Caleb, that her job could be in trouble due to a recent merger with the company unless she brings in a huge client. Ella then forces David to take her to a Brentwood party. There she hopes to land a big actor client, Jasper. David has plans of his own - to heist a million-dollar watch from the party and exchange it for cash with his partner in crime, Amir. Meanwhile, Lauren, still in desperate need of tuition money, agrees to go out on another date in exchange for money, but inadvertently winds up at the same party as David and Ella. Detective Rodriguez questions Auggie, who flashes back to when he first met Sydney three years ago during an AA meeting. Also, Riley and Jonah view surveillance video of Violet acting oddly and begin to think she's hiding something involving her and Sydney, while Violet asks Auggie to give her a job at the Coal restaurant.

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