ane Andrew Mancini, Sydney's older estranged sister, arrives in Los Angeles and announces that she inherited the building from Sydney. Being just as evil and devious as everyone else, Jane threatens Ella with blackmail unless Ella allows her to dress one of her clients for a movie premiere in a Jane Mancini original design. Meanwhile, Detective Rodriguez starts to ask questions about Violet's connection to Sydney. Violet escapes out of the bathroom window still unwilling to tell anyone about her belief that Sydney was her biological mother. David asks Auggie to give him a temp job at Coal, but David's typical behavior makes him lose his job and embarrasses Auggie to his cynical boss, Marcello. Riley and Jonah crash the movie premier hoping Jonah will meet more influential people for his career, while Riley learns about Violet's arrest after Jane betrays her to the police, and bails her out of jail over Jonah's protests. Elsewhere, Lauren and a client meet up at a hotel bar after she's stood up by Toby. On leaving the hotel after being beaten up and stiffed by the brutal john, Lauren is stopped by Wendi, a local Hollywood madame who pimps out her employees in a "not so legal" deal with the hotel, and she threatens Lauren to stay away from the hotel and her business. But Lauren offers a compromise of her services to Wendi.

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