aving agreed to model for the Anton V designer jeans, Riley goes to a Malibu Beach photo shoot session with Ella in tow, and they meet the photographer, who happens to be former Melrose Place resident, Jo Reynolds. Unfortunately, Jo and Riley take an instant dislike to each other because Riley correctly sees Jo as too demanding, abrasive, and mean-spirited like literally everyone else in L.A., while Jo correctly sees Riley as inexperienced and naive to the modeling profession. Jo then tries to provoke a fight with Riley by asking her to pose topless in the shoot to make her get in touch with her emotions. Meanwhile, Jonah meets with a producer's development executive, named Kendra, who invites him to have drinks later that night to discuss his film. The wicked vixen Violet makes another play for Auggie's attention at Coal. Also, Lauren finds out about David's criminal secret of sealing artwork to pawn for cash, while she continues to hide her own criminal secret of being a high-class call girl.

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