din (the man who had Uther Pendragon killed) takes over Nemeth. Princess Mithian arrives in Camelot with her aged waiting woman, Hilda, asking Arthur to help rescue her father, King Rodor, weakened and in hiding from Odin's search parties. Actually, Rodor is Odin's prisoner, and Hilda is a disguised Morgana controlling Mithian with an enchanted bangle, aiming to lead Arthur into a trap. As Arthur's rescue party sets out, Mithian finally warns Merlin of Hilda's true identity, but Morgana knocks him out first. The others must continue, leaving Merlin with Gaius (who finally brings him 'round) and Gwaine. With Arthur and the rest of his knights captured, Merlin must use magic to effect a rescue but must also help Arthur do the right thing afterwards, least Camelot be plunged in an endless war.

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