li is pushing Alicia to run for State's Attorney and seemingly won't take no for an answer. He commissions a poll that shows she could win. Diane's proposed move from Lockhart Gardner Canning is proving to be a hot topic for Alicia and Cary. Diane proposes to bring 45 clients to Florrick Agos but wants Kalinda to come to the firm as well. More problematic is that she wants an equal vote with Alicia and Cary. At LGC Diane informs David Lee and Louis Canning that she's retiring. Everyone is thrown for a loop when Cary is arrested for abetting the transportation of nearly a kilo of heroin with the State's Attorney requesting bail of $1.3 million. Cary suspects it's related to the police trying to get to Lemond Bishop. For Bishop, it means someone in his crew is talking to the police. After the judge rules Alicia ineligible to represent Cary - also because of her link to Bishop - she turns to Diane to represent him. They're having trouble raising the bail money and when they do, the State's Attorney finds a new objection.

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