licia represents a woman who was fired from her job at a tech company because she failed a polygraph she took because the company was looking for who's stealing company secrets but that was not the reason why she failed. So Alicia takes the company to court and they make all sorts of fuss. Alicia learns from Jason that there was no theft at the company so the polygraph was baseless. They then raise the issue that because the company has dealings with the government that they are within their right to have polygraph tests. Alicia then seeks out her former client who worked at the NSA for help. And this brings her to the attention of the NSA. Eli is told by Ruth that Alicia needs to be with Peter when he announces his bid for the Presidency. Eli considers airing something that could derail his chances. At Lockhart, the partners are at odds over who to hire. Alicia looks into Jason's past and learns something unsettling.

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