New Yorker who recently resigned from his job, awakens in a desert mountain location. He doesn't know where he is. He sees an elderly man being shot at, the elderly man who eventually dies of his gunshot wounds. The New Yorker thinks he will befall the same fate as the elderly man. The New Yorker makes his way into a nearby city - a desert oasis - and learns that everyone there is called by a number, and that this city is called "The Village". Although knowing it is not his name or his home, everyone is calling him Six, and he lives in an apartment in the The Village. The face of the authorities of The Village is Two, who tells Six that The Village is the only reality there is. Six is told he's a free man, but he feels like he's a prisoner in The Village. He believes the elderly man, who Six learns was named 93, knew that there was an alternate reality outside of The Village and found a way to escape, which is the reason he was killed. With the help of a waitress named 554, Six also learns that there are a few in The Village who also believe there is a world outside of The Village. As Six tries to figure out what's going on, he has a recurring memory of a situation in New York involving a woman named Lucy.

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