ara and Max are both frustrated by the treatment by Dr. Holden she is undergoing and the inability to access her repressed memories. Max is ready to call it quits and Tara decides the time has come to ask her one-time boyfriend, Trip Johanssen, for a face to face meeting. Max is convinced that Tara was raped by Trip during her time in high school, but during their meeting with Johanssen and his wife, 'T' emerges to explain it all to them. 'T' was present when it all happened, but she presents other issues however that leaves more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Charmaine reassesses her relationship with her new boyfriend, Nick, in light of her feelings. Also, Kate learns that her sexual harassment complaint against Gene does have a consequence when Gene confronts her and reveals his dangerous obsession with her. Marshall tries to decide on a way to move on forward with his life and decides to make peace with his mother.

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