ara begins to feel stressed out as she starts work on her new mural project for Tiffany. Unfortunately, Tiffany learns about Tara's multi-personality disorder, and becomes a little too curious about 'T', Buck, and Alice, and it affects Tara in a bad way when after an evening out with Tara, Charmaine, and Tiffany, the next morning Tiffany's mural is trashed, and Tiffany suspects one of Tara's alters did it. It also affects Charmaine when Tiffany, in retaliation, gets Charmaine fired from her job. Meanwhile, Max takes Marshall to work with him in which an accident happens when Marshall is stung by bees and being allergic to bee stings, ends of with his face disfigured which Marshall fears about looking awful to Jason as he continues working with him on his project. Also, Kate has some ideas for the restaurant which her boss, Gene, does not approve of.

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