onvinced that he's seen a new alter personality after the visit from Tara's parents and who may have destroyed Tiffany's mural, Max spends an anxious weekend trying contact Tara's therapist. Tara confronts Max and he has no choice but to tell her what he thinks he saw. The result however is for Alice to emerge. She also thinks she's pregnant. Interestingly, Alice does reveal a very specific relationship with the other alters, particularly when she tell's Max that that there seems to some type of hierarchy among them. But their joint visit to Dr. Ocean doesn't go very well. Meanwhile, Marshall is worried that Jason's pastor father may have realized the real reason shy he joined the group at school as they are preparing for the opening night to welcome the community to their Hell House. Also, Kate tries re-set her relationship with Gene at the restaurant, but the result isn't anything near what she was hoping for when he shows off his true colors to her and outright fires her.

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