espite having given a heads up to Commander Anderson about his theory, DI Chandler is called before a review board after a second murder has taken place. Again, it has all the earmarks of the Jack the Ripper's second murder 100 years ago and appears to vindicate his theory of the copycat killing. DS Miles checks with some of the girls who are on the game and there is a soldier, eventually identified as Pvt. John Leary, who's been roughing some of them up. They bring him in for questioning but he proves less than cooperative. As some of his squad begin to develop at least a modicum of respect for him, Chandler stuns them by coming up with another key piece of evidence: the killers DNA which the pathologist got off the victims eyeballs, the killer having apparently licked them at the time of the murder. With Leary refusing to cooperate, the forensic report on the DNA reveals it to be contaminated and the police are no further ahead. Chandler finds himself under pressure when the media gets hold of his copycat theory and it's apparent that one member of his squad has let the cat out of the bag. On the night of the next expected killing, the police make an arrest and Chandler puts DS Miles in charge of the interview. CCTV footage leads Chandler in a different direction.

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