handler and Miles survive the ambush but McCormack,coerced by the twins into betrayal,hangs himself. Commander Anderson publicly berates Chandler,telling him he is off the case,but this is a ruse as Anderson rightly suspects that Cazenove is allowing the Krays to control other criminals as an expedient and wants to put him off the scent. Anderson gathers the team at Buchan's house and outlines his plan. If the Krays are exposed as impostors their grip will be broken and so,after Buchan has stolen Ronnie's DNA from a museum exhibit and Chandler has matched it to Jimmy's,whom he has taken on in the boxing ring,the lie is proven. The twins are not Krays but mercenaries recruited in the Congo. Cazenove shoots himself and his team are discredited whilst the 'twins' are arrested. However,Anderson and Cheshire make a bizarre deal to ensure that they are never heard of again.

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