stray dog is sneakily 'adopted' into Kat's room by Petra Hoffman, a talented German exchange student whom Abigail looks upon as her replacement during her therapy. Although the next semester's started, Kat remains in a holiday mood and is seen dating and kissing Lucus in public. Rather then apply pointless punishments, director Kennedy assigns her to assist graduate Gus's program teaching young kids to dance. She gets committed and promises to take them to a TV show, but later looking with the gang for the lost dog makes her late for the kids and dumped. Tara is finally allowed to dance on 'spitzes', but the unexpected pain makes her snippy with Christian while they dance Romeo and Juliet for Ethan's show-reel. (It's that or the unspoken attraction between them that makes Tara's and Christian's dance partnership suddenly difficult for them to bear?)

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