he devastating blows come left and right as Fitch, Washington, Stone and Sanchez invade the boxing world to investigate the death of Vanessa King. King's fiance, Tommy Westin, is preparing for a big match against Dap "The Detroit Hammer" Fields. The detectives discover Vanessa, an ex-girlfriend of Fields', was hiding a closely guarded secret which could have thrown the fight and its payday into question. Meanwhile, Longford and Mahajan are forced to give a cold case a fresh look: It's been five years since James Lakeland died. Now Lakeland's mother brings new evidence to the squad. A love triangle is uncovered and the detectives must piece together Lakeland's two lives, the one with his wife and daughter and the other with his married lover who has hidden a crucial piece of the puzzle all these years. The detectives are confronted with tough ethical issues in order to bring a resolution to the case.

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