nneli's and Paula's bodies are found, nude and cruciform, yards from each other in woodlands. At a meeting where the police try to mollify irate householders enraged by the prostitutes' activities on their street, Brian Tobin explains that the only way forward is to treat the girls' addiction and remove the need to make money. He is hopeful as the project has been awarded a large grant. Rochelle volunteers for treatment 'for Paula's sake' though some clients are unhappy at the presence of sex workers. There is a red herring when Tom Stephens, a strange young man who claims that he 'looks out for' the girls is arrested but released but the breakthrough comes when the pathologist matches DNA on the last three bodies to that of Ipswich resident and regular punter Stephen Wright. He is subsequently arrested and sentenced to full life imprisonment. A coda tells us that many former prostitutes were helped by the Iceni Project and that the Ipswich red light district is no more.

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