renda and the team are called in by Assistant Chief Pope on a delicate matter when Captain Sharon Raydor believes that one of her detectives, Ally Moore, is the victim of spousal abuse. She had seen the bruises on Moore's arm and neck but Moore couldn't give a logical explanation and refuses to file a complaint. Brenda interviews her and Moore refuses to file a complaint. In the absence of a complaint, Brenda hesitates to call in her husband and that proves fateful since that night, Moore places a 911 call seeking help. Patrol Sgt. Ryan Dunn responded to the call and shot Moore's husband. As Brenda begins to sift through the evidence, she realizes that there is far more going on than meets the eye. At home meanwhile, Fritz has been particularly grumpy and out of sorts lately and with good reason: he's been offered a promotion which would mean a return to Washington D.C.

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