ust as Brenda and Fritz are about to go off on a long anticipated weekend holiday, Brenda learns for the first time that Major Crimes has been looking into a seven year-old murder that was re-opened after the forensic lab that processed the crime scene evidence is discredited. Lt. Provenza was one of the original investigators on the case and assures Brenda that everything is in order. He's particularly pleased that his old partner, now retired Detective George Andrews, is returning to Los Angeles to help out on the case. Provenza isn't quite prepared for what he sees when George is now Georgette, having undergone sex re-assignment surgery. The DA is prepared to drop the case against Doris Osgood, a home care worker who killed one of her elderly charges. Brenda decides to stay in L.A. and make sure they get the evidence they need to make sure the previous conviction sticks.

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