n her day life, Cathy runs into Dr. Sherman and his much younger second wife, Gia, who invites Cathy and Paul over for dinner. Not wanting to offend the person who is potentially saving her life, Cathy accepts. From dinner, Cathy learns a little bit about how to live in the face of death. It is difficult for Cathy to watch Lee give up on life as he decides to drop out of this trial, the latest failure of many in terms of trials. Based on what Cathy finds hidden in her kitchen, she tries to convince Lee to fight for his life. Cathy and Adam lead a campaign to find a missing Sean, who they are more concerned about now that winter has arrived. Adam learns the God that is Sean among the homeless. Based on Paul's assertion that Mykail is losing his freedom because of his obsession with Andrea, Mykail decides on his future. And one of Mykail and Paul's "under the counter" customers pays them in something besides cash, which adds some spice to stodgy Paul's life.

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